The Monster in the Closet

Once again it's been some time since I last made an update. Between starting a Master's degree and working on a handful of commissions that, for one reason or another, I've been unable to share publically, I haven't had much time to create art just for fun. Unfortunately this may remain the case for a little while - or at least until the end of the semester.

Now for the good news. A couple weeks ago I drew this poster for a for a short film called The Monster in the Closet, and now that the crowdfunding page has gone live I can finally share it.

The film isn't what it looks like, either. It centres on "the relationship between a young girl called Charlie and her father Joe, who is losing his job as a B movie monster. Life isn’t perfect and the story follows as Charlie begins to understand the world more, realising that there are obstacles in life and things to put up with. Charlie’s problems will occur in her school life and in her life at home as her father attempts to cope with life without his job."

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, check it out and make a donation!

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