Darling Genocide

Some of you may have noticed by now this website's recent makeover. Where before there was a ramshackle gallery bursting with embarrassingly outdated art, and that dreary inventory of page titles I'm ashamed to have called a navigation bar, there are now shiny new logos, exciting fonts, and a stylishly streamlined portfolio of only (okay, mostly) my best and latest work.

This has been a long time coming. If there is such a thing as a digital hoarder I think I might be one, because for the life of me I just couldn't bring myself to delete from my website any of my old bits of work. I think I just got the sense that I needed to include as broad a range of images as possible if I wanted to impress people, and some of them had such sentimental value that I simply didn't have the heart to chuck them on the trash heap. But as someone much cleverer than me once said: kill your darlings.

Well, here I am, perched astride a mountain of my darlings' butchered corpses, panting heavily and covered in blood. And the view from up here is much better. Honestly, navigating that old gallery was like trying to find your way through some haunted carnival funhouse devised by a blind lunatic in M.C. Escher's worst ever acid trip. It was not, to put it mildly, very slick. Much like that simile.

Do I miss some of those old drawings I so heartlessly slaughtered? Of course. Are there others still on here that could probably do with going too? Definitely. But I'm not a total monster. There is still a little mercy in my cold black heart.

Enjoy the new website.

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