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The Ship Captain's Medical Guide (As Interpreted by "Stew") is an illustrated version of a medical reference book carried on all British Merchant Navy ships. It's a terribly serious old tome, and not a very entertaining read, but luckily this new adaptation comes with 30+ daft cartoons to help guide even the drunken-est sailor through its many pages of potentially life-saving advice.

My client, who served in the Merchant Navy in the '70s, did a series of his own cartoons back in the day - all based on excerpts from The Ship Captain's Medical Guide and starring his own original character "Stew" - which were published in his company's in-house magazine to the mirth and delight of his colleagues. I was commissioned to re-interpret his old drawings, and come up with a few of my own.

"Stew" character design

"In first aid, elaborate treatment, complicated bandages and splints are quite out of place."

" may require exercising tact as well as firmness in persuading him to co-operate (to wash.)"

"It is worthwhile remembering that a Neil Robertson stretcher acts as a

useful instrument of restraint when dealing with a maniacal patient."

So there you have it. If that looks like the kind of thing that might float your boat (haha, geddit?) then head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy! I promise I will spend the royalties on some new pens or something and not just Honey Jack.

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