Sewerpunk, Part I

Once again, regrettably, it's been an absolutely hectic week, so I thought instead of holding off until I've finished something, I'd share a little work-in-progress.

This is Papa Cloaca, the King of the Sewer. He's a character I came up with donkeys years ago as part of a fantasy/sci-fi thing I was writing at the time, which never ended up getting finished. As you can see, I've refined him somewhat from my original sketch...

Just look at the state of that.

You might be thinking that he looks pretty finished as he is, but I'm planning on doing a background and maybe giving him some little mates, so it'll be another few days' work before I can truly draw a line under this.

(I ought to start taking photos of my pencils and line art, too - just for the sake of showing more of my process...Maybe next time, eh?)

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