As promised, I've started working on some more fully developed portfolio pieces, beginning with this ancient rock golem patiently awaiting...something.

Inspired by a recent warm-up sketch, this piece gave me a great excuse to experiment with some slightly different digital colouring techniques (you may have noticed the spongy texture of the shading) and some good practice drawing backgrounds - something I still don't do enough of.

Work in progress: pencil and ink

Fore some reason I can't shake the feeling that it isn't quite as good as it could be, although I can't put my finger on exactly what's wrong. Maybe in a years' time I will have improved enough to see it. Hopefully by then this will look like garbage to me. Stinking wet garbage.

Flat colours, as seen on my Wacom screen

Anyway, I thought this might make a pretty good notebook cover or smartphone case, so I stuck it up in the usual place in case anyone's interested in buying that sort of thing.

I have some ideas about what I'm going to work on next. There's a cool 30-day character prompt challenge I like the look of, so that may see the Return of the Warm-Up Sketch. I already have a concept in mind for my next big portfolio piece. And of course there's the new MEGA PROJECT which could be ongoing for a year or more. It's all terribly exciting (and kind of nerve-racking at the same time.)

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