Warm-Ups Revisited

An unusually packed week last week, but as promised I set aside some time to go back and re-do some of my favourite (read: most merchandisable) warm-ups from the past month or so, starting with this li'l fella:

I then moved on to the "punk rock mermaid" design I did for #mermay, which I wasn't very fond of initially and knew I could improve.

After that I thought I'd have a go at my "trickster god" from two weeks ago, though I still kind of prefer the original. Somehow it just has more pizazz.

Finally I took on this dopey Star Wars cartoon from May the Fourth, and I think I really nailed it this second time around.

All these designs are available on my Redbubble store on shirts and stickers and anything else your heart might desire.

More awesome stuff coming this week, I promise! Just you wait and see...

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