Warm-Ups, Week 4

Another week of warm-up sketches! I'll be taking a break from these for the next week or so in order to go back and redo some of the older ones as proper full-colour images. I feel like a few good designs might go to waste if left as little black-and-white ink doodles, and I like the idea of doing a series of stickers or something on my Redbubble.

(As you can see, I really pushed the boat out and actually coloured one this week!)

For "warm-up" sketches, these have been taking up a little too much of my time - time that could be put to use making shinier, more finished pieces - so we'll see where their future lies after this little hiatus. It is a good way of generating ideas - just maybe a little too good, if ya know what I mean.

In other news, the aforementioned "yuge project" is still ongoing, but I'm expecting to have that wrapped up next week or the week after. Then finally all will be revealed...

I've also added a "Store" tab to my menu, which will take you straight to the place where you can buy stuff off me.

And don't forget to follow me on social media! (No, don't, I'm crap at it.)

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