So I've finally finished this monstrosity. Behold, the terrifying Horrorscope™!

This took a lot longer to complete than I first expected. I almost gave up on it right at the outset, because I knew it was going to turn out a little gaudy and weird and I couldn't imagine what kind of freakshow might constitute my target audience, but I'm glad I persevered because I think it's come out really well. (Not bad for an idea formed entirely on the basis of a lame pun.)

Early mock-up version of the terrifying Horrorscope

Before long it basically turned into an exercise in colour scheming, which I can't complain about because I needed the practice. Still, I'm relieved to finally have this finished.

As usual, I've popped this up on my Redbubble store (still looking a little sparse but it's getting there, thanks for asking.) You can buy it on anything from a shirt to a clock to a sticker, and make your friends think you're a right proper weirdo.

Personally, the clock is my favourite.

In other news, I'm planning on doing some landscape/environment art soon, as that's something I think I need to improve at. So do watch this space - the next thing I post will be less weird, promise.

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