The Imperceptible Lemon Moon

This is a slightly older piece, but one I think is worth posting nonetheless. Around the end of last year, my dad asked me if I could do some cover art for him and his mate Phil, who together form the psychedelic folk duo the Fridge Brothers. At the time they were working on a four-track EP called The Imperceptible Lemon Moon, and were hoping to get some physical copies made.

It was a long process trying to get this done, since neither band member had a solid idea of exactly what it was they were after. So I gave the record a listen and jotted down my initial impressions, then went onto Google Images and pulled together some examples of art that I felt went some way towards capturing the general vibe of the music. This included some Pink Floyd stuff, a little bit of Nick Drake fan art, and a crapload of random psychedelia. After showing all this to my dad, who passed it on to Phil, we were eventually able to form the idea that became the album cover above.

Of course, it went through a couple incarnations to get there, including this reject...

...but once the basic concept was down, it wasn't long before I managed to turn that ugly duckling into a beautiful butterfly. Or something.

I really like the hand-drawn look of the finished piece. A lot of the psychedelic art I found online was painted digitally, and impressive as that was I think it would have failed to capture the more folksy element of the band's music. I think what I've done is, like the songs on the EP, both chilled out and slightly surreal, and I'm still dead pleased with my choice of colour palette.

This project remains somewhat open-ended and subject to change, since the record has yet to be released (hence my sitting on the art for so long.) It seems Phil and my dad have wandered off into the weeds of digital recording, and their old analogue stuff has gone onto the back burner for now. But I may still end up producing CD art and possibly even a booklet, if all goes to plan.

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