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I seem to have entered into sort of a post-commission slump, and as a result have been struggling to think of anything new to draw - so, seeing as I'm in need of a new avatar on my various social media pages (*shameless shill*), I thought I may as well draw my own dumb face.

Magnificent, is it not?

I quite like drawing caricatures in this style. It could...

'Our Medieval Age' is a science-fantasy novel by writer Brandon Dunfee, with cover art by yours truly.

This was a hell of a lot of fun to draw, as I got to bring Brandon's wild imagination to life.

I was aiming for something sort of pulpy, like a classic fantasy book cover, but with the contemporary slant of my art style. It was the perfect opportunity to experimen...

I've done it! I've finally completed the fabled #30DayBurritoChallenge!

Well, that was fun. Gotta say I'll be glad to have more time to focus on commission and/or portfolio work, though! Exciting things are afoot...

I've been working on a big ol' commission this week (which you can see snippets of on my Instagram, if you're interested) so once again I've got nothing to show except warm-up sketches! Hold on to your hats...

I feel like the quality of these has suffered a little, particularly towards the end of this week, since for the last few days I've been having a very quiet...

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