Here's another week's worth of brand new warm-up sketches, courtesy of the #30DayBurritoChallenge!

Next week's prompts include such weirdness as "Modern Anubis", "Cycloptic Sorceress" and "Automaton Companion".

It's been really effing hot this week.


Yes, that's right. I finally completed that piece from last week. Don't ask me why it took so long. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. The important thing is that it's finished now.

I ended up doing it in layers (like an ogre) because that seemed like the easiest way of breaking it down. First I completed the man himself, then I plonked the foregrou...

Another week of sketches inspired by the #30DayBurritoChallenge! This week came with a whole new set of difficulties, including some unexpected overtime and the demise of several of my grey marker pens (the horror!) Nevertheless, I persevered, and was able to complete all seven of this week's prompts on time.

Coming up next week we've got "Straw Demon", "Rusty Kni...

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