I've taken to doing little warm-up sketches each day before I start work. It's a great way of not only getting myself in the Zone first thing in the morning, but also of producing little bits of new content on a more regular basis (that and it's the perfect excuse to show off my lovely green cutting mat, apparently.)

Here's the first week's worth.

Of course, e...

I recently set up my own little Redbubble store and uploaded a couple bits of my latest art for sale, and I just put up a new design that I've had kicking around in my head for a bit and thought might look good on a shirt. It's my trademark sense of humour: whimsical yet self-deprecating in a genuinely sad kind of way.

The design is based...

I only recently got round to seeing Fantastic Beasts and, I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much from it. I had the rather cynical idea that JK Rowling and Warner Bros. had got together, their eyes lit up with dollar signs, and farted out some anodyne tween fantasy garbage featuring a handful of conveniently merchandisable new Pokémon - but I'm glad to have been...

This is a slightly older piece, but one I think is worth posting nonetheless. Around the end of last year, my dad asked me if I could do some cover art for him and his mate Phil, who together form the psychedelic folk duo the Fridge Brothers. At the time they were working on a four-track EP called The Imperceptible Lemon Moon, and were hoping to get some physical...

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