My little brother has just released a single on his Spotify, with cover art courtesy of yours truly.

I was aiming for something sort of hipstery, but with a touch of EDM and a generous smattering of Bruce Springsteen's The River.

Here's my first attempt at the design, which I thought was okay but Sam wasn't thrilled with. I'm glad we went in another direction becau...

Here it is, the big reveal, the yuge project I've been working on for weeks - no, months - no, years.

Personality Transplant is 61 minutes of ironically upbeat pop-rock songs about unattainable women and crippling social anxiety. Written over the course of about two and a half years (and recorded mostly in the middle of the night over a pretty intense five-mo...

This is a slightly older piece, but one I think is worth posting nonetheless. Around the end of last year, my dad asked me if I could do some cover art for him and his mate Phil, who together form the psychedelic folk duo the Fridge Brothers. At the time they were working on a four-track EP called The Imperceptible Lemon Moon, and were hoping to get some physical...

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November 16, 2017

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