I've completed a handful of commissions since starting back at uni in January, but nothing I've been able to share. Either I was drawing live on Google Hangouts for kids halfway across the world, designing logos for local companies, or creating unflattering caricatures for books that haven't been published yet (and which I'm warned may be subject to frivolous leg...

Some of you may have noticed by now this website's recent makeover. Where before there was a ramshackle gallery bursting with embarrassingly outdated art, and that dreary inventory of page titles I'm ashamed to have called a navigation bar, there are now shiny new logos, exciting fonts, and a stylishly streamlined portfolio of only (okay, mostly) my bes...

For a while I've been meaning to draw more landscape art. My focus has always been primarily on character design and as a result I feel like I've fallen behind on...well, everything other than character design. So I thought as a fun exercise I'd try and picture a happy place, somewhere peaceful and remote, and put it down on paper as best I could.

I initially imag...

There's things lurking in the deep...

Pretty pleased with myself here. I like the composition a lot - I think the slightly wonky framing gives the sense of motion and upheaval that I was going for. Water (like fire) is notoriously difficult to draw, and I feel like I've made a noble effort. Still, I get the sense that something's missing. I just can't figure out w...

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November 16, 2017

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