I recently completed a couple of book covers for the very talented Christina "DZA" Marie, whose work you can check out on her blog Dragons, Zombies and Aliens.

The first book, Gary the Gecko's Guide to Getting Your Humans to Get Together and Other Short Stories, is a cute collection of tall tales for kids. The cover features the eponymous Gary with some of hi...

Once again it's been some time since I last made an update. Between starting a Master's degree and working on a handful of commissions that, for one reason or another, I've been unable to share publically, I haven't had much time to create art just for fun. Unfortunately this may remain the case for a little while - or at least until the end of the semester....

The Ship Captain's Medical Guide (As Interpreted by "Stew") is an illustrated version of a medical reference book carried on all British Merchant Navy ships. It's a terribly serious old tome, and not a very entertaining read, but luckily this new adaptation comes with 30+ daft cartoons to help guide even the drunken-est sailor through its many pages of potentiall...

'Our Medieval Age' is a science-fantasy novel by writer Brandon Dunfee, with cover art by yours truly.

This was a hell of a lot of fun to draw, as I got to bring Brandon's wild imagination to life.

I was aiming for something sort of pulpy, like a classic fantasy book cover, but with the contemporary slant of my art style. It was the perfect opportunity to experimen...

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